Can I Use Air Hose For Propane

Can I Use Air Hose For Propane?

Air hoses ensure excellent performance for gases, air, and water. Perhaps it may work efficiently for propane too. But can I use air hose for propane?

Air hoses can be used for propane. They have good pressure strength and permeability that make them worth using for propane.

However, you need to know more to get clarification of your question.

Why Air Hoses Can Be Used for Propane- Top 2 Facts

Here are two facts that make air hoses compatible with propane.

1. Pressure Strength

The first feature that supports air hose use for propane is that they come with greater strength for pressure. 

Generally, good-quality air hoses have enough strength for pressure up to 300 PSI.

While for transfer of propane pressure strength, 10 to 20 PSI is enough. So, you can use an air hose for propane with peace of mind. 

2. Permeability

Permeability means how propane behavior for air hose material is. Air hoses are made of different rubber and rubber mixes that may support propane transfer.

You may hear that propane is highly reactive and flammable. So, you are afraid it may cause a flame. No worry because propane is only explosive when it is in gaseous form. 

But propane transferring through hoses is in liquid form that is very weakly reactive. So there is no hazard of the blast.

What Type of Air Hoses Can I Use for Propane?

Using standard rubber material is not a better choice for propane. High-quality rubber materials such as Teflon, EPDM, and polyurethane are recommended for propane.

Final Verdict

Now you have got the answer to your question, can I use air hose for propane. Using air hoses for propane tanks can be an inexpensive solution. But make sure you have high-quality Teflon, EPDM, or polyurethane air hoses.

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