Can I Use an Expanding Hose With a Pressure Washer

Can I Use an Expanding Hose With a Pressure Washer?

The expandable hose comes with excellent features that make it suitable for several hydraulic pressure jobs. Perhaps, it may also be a good choice for a pressure washer. Surely you have a question in your mind: can I use an expanding hose with a pressure washer?

Most of the cases expanding hoses are best for pressure washers. The expanding hose has a strong rating to handle high pressure. It is made of high-quality latex material that makes it durable and compatible with a pressure washer.

The rest of the article will teach you why an expandable hose is better for a pressure washer.

Top 2 Facts- Why Expandable Hose Can Be Used for Pressure Washer

  1. Material Strength

Expanding hoses are made of latex that offers excellent strength. In comparison, rubber hoses are used for pressure washers. Latex and rubber are almost similar in strength and durability.

So, it is expected that you may find expandable hoses equally productive for pressure washers as the rubber hoses. 

Another factor is that, like rubber, latex is also friendly to water. No worry about using a latex hose for the pressure washer to transfer water.

  1. High-pressure rating

Another feature that makes expanding hoses suitable for pressure washers is their high-pressure rating. The pressure washer only requires 20 PSI water pressure to work correctly.

The expanding hoses are compatible with 45 to 55 PSI, which is enough for a pressure washer. The high-quality content of the expandable hose has the strength to support 120- 200 PSI water pressure.

Final verdict

Expanding hoses can be used for similar applications as regular hoses. As long as you are careful, there is no issue using expandable hoses for pressure washers.  It ensures better features for pressure washers than regular pressure washer hoses.

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