Can I Use Rubber Hose To Repair Fuel Lines

Can I Use Rubber Hose To Repair Fuel Lines?

Rubber hoses are flexible for several hydraulic line repairing jobs. It may also work for repairing fuel lines. But as a newbie I have a question, can I use rubber hose to repair fuel lines? 

Yes, you can use rubber hose to repair fuel lines. But you have several risks when using a rubber hose for the fuel line. You may experience leakage or rubber residual that will damage the fuel line.

However, you need more detail to come up with the right solution.

Can I Use a Rubber Hose to Repair Fuel Lines? Key Reasons to Use

Let’s know the key reasons why you can use rubber hose to repair your fuel line systems. 

  • Pressure rating

Good Quality rubber hoses can work with higher psi; most engines require 50 or more psi for fuel supply. Many high-quality rubber hoses have resistance up to 90 or 100 psi. So they can be effective for fuel repair. 

  • Permeability

Permeability is the second major question when using hoses for fuel lines. High-quality rubber hoses have enough permeability for fuel. 

It may be a matter of concern when using rubber hoses for fuel lines. But fuel line repairing good quality rubber hose can be an excellent and cost-effective option.

What Should I Use to Repair the Fuel Line?

The most recommended material for fuel line repair is fuel-resistant epoxy. Squeeze the epoxy, allow it to dry completely and tighten the bolts in position.

Can I Use a Rubber Hose for Brake Lines?

No rubber hoses are not suitable for automotive brake fluids; otherwise, you will be at risk of brake line damage.

What Kind of Rubber Can You Use for the Fuel Line?

There is no other rubber material for repairing the fuel line except EPDM. All other rubber hoses will fill your brake line with rubber.

Do Rubber Hoses Resist Fuel?

No, it is not resistant to fuel. Rubber hoses are inappropriate for diesel, gasoline, and ethanol. 

But NBR rubber is the only rubber recommended to repair fuel lines because of its compatibility with fuel.

What Are the Risks if I Use Rubber to Repair the Fuel Line?

Standard rubber hose should never be used for fuel lines. Rubber, when contacted with fuel, deteriorates the line from inside. 

You may experience rubber debris in the carburetor and fuel filter. Frequent leakage is also common when using rubber for the fuel line.


The fuel line needs quick repair when damaged. Fuel-resistant epoxy is recommended for its repair. 

However, you can use rubber such as EPDM or NBR for fuel line repair. But never use standard rubber; otherwise, you will experience quick damage to the fuel line.

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