Can I use transmission hose for coolant

Can I Use Transmission Hose for Coolant?

Transmission hoses are an excellent choice for fluid transmission systems. It may be an inexpensive and suitable option for the coolant system too. But Can I use transmission hose for coolant?

Yes, transmission hoses have the best resistance against fluids and high-pressure rating. These two features make them a better choice for coolant systems.

However, you need more explanation to get a clear answer. You will be explained in the below content why transmission hose for coolant.

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Why I Can Use Transmission Hose for Coolant- Top 3 Mechanical Facts

  1. High rating fluid resistance

Transmission hoses are made of double layers. Their inner layer is made of PVC, NBR, Viton, or other elastic mixes. 

Because of such high-quality materials, they are found to be highly resistive to oil, fuel, and gasoline.

Generally, coolant hoses are made of synthetic rubber that is good to withstand vibration, pressure, and cooling chemicals. 

But transmission hoses offer better resistance than synthetic rubber. So, no worry about damage when using them for the coolant system.

  1. High rating for pressure

Pressure strength is an essential feature for ensuring performance for any hose for a specific application.

Coolant hoses are designed to support pressure up to 40- 50 PSI. While the transmission hoses can handle pressure up to 60 to 90 PSI. So, no issue while using transmission hoses for the coolant system.

  1. Durability 

Transmission hoses are made of better quality materials than synthetic rubber, ensuring more durability than coolant hoses. They are also longer-lasting than coolant hoses.

Final Verdict

Transmission hoses can be effective for several hydraulic systems where pressure, fluid resistance, and durability matter. Coolant systems also demand such features, so transmission hoses can be used for coolant systems.

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