Can You Connect Two Silver Bullet Hoses

Can You Connect Two Silver Bullet Hoses?

Can You Connect Two Silver Bullet Hoses?

Silver bullet hoses are one of the high quality expandable hoses that come with attachment options. You may also extend their length by connecting them. But can you connect two silver bullet hoses?

Cut the silver hose ends straight and insert the barbed rod into the hose. Fit the crimp ring and join both halves with screws. Tighten the screws and ensure no leakage.

What is the right way to connect silver bullet hoses? You will learn from this blog.

Can You Connect Two Silver Bullet Hoses?
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How to Connect Two Silver Bullet Hoses?

Connecting silver bullet hoses is a lot simpler like other garden hoses. However, you should follow the below easy steps for a perfect connection.

Things you will need

  • ¾ male or female connector
  • Barbed rod 
  • Crimp ring
  • Utility Knife
  • Screwdriver

Step 1- Cut the ends

Start with cutting the hose using a utility knife. Ensure you have cut them straight.

Step 2- Flush the barbed rod

Now forcefully insert the barbed rod into the hose until its end is flush into the connector.

 Step 3- Fit the Crimp ring

Next, fit the crimp ring around the silver hose end and join its two halves together using the screws

Step 4- Tighten the screws

Finally, take the screwdriver and tighten the screws counterclockwise. Ensure you have correctly screwed them and there is no leakage with the connection. 

Step 5- Apply the Glue

Some people use glue over the connection to protect it from leakage for a better fix. But it is an optional step; if you think better, you can use it; if the connection is okay, then no need to use the glue.

Final Verdict

Connecting two silver bullet hoses is very simple, like other garden hoses. You can quickly connect them by using connectors and screws.

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