Can You Fix a Brake Line With a Rubber Hose

Can You Fix a Brake Line With a Rubber Hose?

Rubber hoses are cheap and durable items used for fixing hydraulic lines. You may want to consider fixing the brake line. But can you fix a brake line with a rubber hose?

No, you cannot use regular rubber hoses for fixing brake lines, except high-quality EPDM rubber hoses. Otherwise, you will experience leakage and quick repairs. 

You will get in-depth detail here on why rubber hoses are incompatible for brake line fixing.

Top 2 Facts- Why Rubber Hose Is Incompatible for Brake Line

  1. Contamination

Contamination is the biggest issue that makes rubber hoses the worst choice for fixing brake line leakages. Whenever you patch the leakage with rubber hoses, after a few days because of contamination, you will see the rubber hose melt and need another.

Such quick and multiple repairs are frustrating and always keep you uneasy.

  1. Risky for Engine

Rubber damages when in contact with fuel because of its poor resistance against fuel. Its residuals mix with the fluid and, over time, fill all the fuel line, brake line, and engine with rubber. 

It not only lowers the overall performance but also damages your engine, brake line, or other parts that are very costly. So, it is better to avoid fixing the brake line with a rubber hose.

What Rubber Can I Use for Brake Line Repair?

Regular rubber material has poor resistance against fuel fluids. But if you have a high-quality EPDM rubber hose, it can be used to fix brake line leakages. EPDM rubber offers high resistance against heat, oil, and other chemicals.

Final Verdict

The brake line system needs high-quality parts for better performance and a transparent fluid supply. Whenever you experience leakage in the brake line, try to fix it with the brake line hose. 

Never use regular rubber; otherwise, you will experience quick repair and damage to the engine and brake line system.

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