Can You Put an Expandable Hose on a Reel

Can You Put an Expandable Hose on a Reel?

The expandable hose can be an excellent DIY solution for several hydraulic applications. It may also be a good alternative for a reel. But can you put an expandable hose on a reel?

No, the expandable hose is not a good choice on a reel. The expandable hose no doubt has excellent pressure and temperature strengths, but it could not meet the criteria for the reel.

Let’s discuss why you cannot use the expandable hose on a reel?

TOP 2 Facts- Do not use the expandable hose on a reel

Here are two mechanical facts that make an expandable hose a poor choice for the reel.

1. Poor Temperature Strength

Expandable hoses are supposed to be effective for high-temperature applications. But they prove a poor choice when they need to handle below 0 degrees and above 100 C.

But the temperature range for different reels required between -29 to 204 C is beyond expandable hose control. So, it can be a risky choice in severe temperatures. When using expandable hoses in hot or cool areas, you must be very careful about temperature

2. Poor Pressure rating

Because of the good pressure rating, expandable hoses are also recommended for different water applications. It can handle 80 to 200 PSI water pressure.

But unfortunately, it is not enough for the reel pressure rating. 

Operating pressure for a reel can be up to 10000 PSI, which is not compatible with the expandable hose. So, avoid using expandable hoses where the pressure rating is above 200 PSI.

Final Verdict

Expandable hoses are a good choice for medium-range hydraulic applications. But for the reel, you may experience shrinkage or more expansion that affects the water supply. High pressure may also cause damage to the expandable hose, which may be the worst experience for you.

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