Can You Use a Foam Cannon With a Regular Hose?

Foam cannon used with a pressure washer to wash vehicles. A regular hose can be used for a pressure washer; perhaps, it is also compatible with foam cannon. But can you use a foam cannon with a regular hose?

Yes, you can use foam cannon with a regular hose. You may see little difference in performance from a pressure washer hose. But there is no issue in using it because a regular hose ensures enough strength for cannon foam chemicals and pressure.

In this content, you will be explained with helpful information why it is compatible to use cannon foam with a regular hose.

Why Can Cannon Foam Be Used With a Regular Hose?

Here are a few reasons that make a regular hose suitable for cannon foam.

  1. Good Pressure rating

The pressure washer needs almost 200 PSI for cannon foam to wash the vehicles. The regular hose may be a little less effective but can handle pressure up to 150 PSI. It is enough to create effective pressure for the car wash.

  1. Good resistance for cannon foam chemicals

It is also essential a hose should have good resistance against the chemicals flowing through it. Regular hoses are found to be friendly with cannon foam chemicals, so there is no issue using cannon foam with regular hoses.

What Other Facts Make Regular Hose a Better Choice With Cannon Foam?

Other than its mechanical fact, regular hoses are more durable and inexpensive than pressure washer hoses. So, you can use them for cannon foam.

Final Verdict

Cannon foam cleans your vehicles quickly and perfectly. You have multiple options to use a pressure washer or regular hoses for cannon foam. Cannon foam with the regular hose will not be just inexpensive but also an efficient car wash.

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