Can You Use a Garden Hose on a Pressure Washer

Can You Use a Garden Hose on a Pressure Washer?

Garden hoses are used in many hydraulic applications because of their excellent pressure and temperature strength. They may also be a good DIY alternative for pressure washers. But can you use a garden hose on a pressure washer?

Yes, garden hoses are suitable for the pressure washer but only at a low-pressure level. Other features make the garden hose suitable for pressure washers except for the pressure.

However, you need more information to make the right decision about using a garden hose on the pressure washer.

Facts About Why Use a Garden Hose on a Pressure Washer?

Here are two facts that make a garden hose suitable for a pressure washer.

  1. Pressure rating

Garden hoses have good pressure strength that ranges from 200 PSI to 600 PSI. You can handle washer pressure if you have the best garden hose. 

It may not be suitable for commercial grade washer pressure application, but you can use it for DIY washer pressures. DIY washer pressures come in a range from 450 PSI to 1300 PSI.

  1. Temperature strength

Regular garden hoses are compatible with a temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius. Premium quality garden hoses can handle water temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.

Washer pressure requires a temperature range from 20 degrees Celsius to 140 degrees Celsius. So, you can use the garden hose to handle the pressure washer temperature.

What Do I Need to Connect the Garden Hose With Washer Pressure?

When using a garden hose with washer pressure, set the washer pressure at the lowest pressure level. Your pressure level should be between 450 to 600 PSI. Then you will need a nozzle and faucet to connect the garden hose with washer pressure.

Final Verdict

A Garden hose would be an inexpensive DIY solution for your pressure washer. But avoid using them for commercial applications. Otherwise, you may face leakage or inconsistent flow because of low-pressure strength.

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