Can You Use a Hose Clamp on a CV Boot?

Hose clamps are cheap, quick, and easy to fix solutions for leaky tubes. Perhaps, you may use them for a leaky CV boot. But can you use a hose clamp on a CV boot?

No, never use a hose clamp on a cv boot. They are wider in size and remain loose in fitting. Because of loose-fitting, vibration increases, and your device speed will ultimately decrease. Cranks and leakage are also common when you use hose clamps.

Read this blog to get the correct information about the use of hose clamps on cv boot.

Top 2 Reasons- Why You Should Not Use a Hose Clamp on a CV Boot?

  1. Loose fitting

Hose clamps are more expensive in size, making them challenging to install in place of CV boot clips and, if installed, remain loose. 

When you put the clamps on the cv boot, one side remains loose, and you feel vibrations when using the device. Because of such vibration, the speed also decreases. Ultimately it affects your device’s overall performance.

  1. Leakage or cranks

You may hear from experts to use the clamp on the cv boot, but it is not a good choice. Most of the users claimed that they experienced cranks and leakages. You will need repair and maintenance after a few days, which is frustrating.

What to Do When You Use a Hose Clamp on a CV Boot?

No doubt, using clamps on a cv boot is not a good decision in routine, but you can use them in an emergency. You must install a large zip tie for tight fitting if you use a hose clamp on the CV boot.

Final Verdict

Hose clamps are cheap, effective, and easy to use, so you may also use them for different fittings. But for, the cv boot is ineffective because of its size and low performance. So, it is better to avoid when excellent performance is your major concern.

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