Can You Use a Soaker Hose With a Rain Barrel

Can You Use a Soaker Hose With a Rain Barrel?

It is efficient to use water with minimal effort when paired with the rain barrel. It will be a win-win situation for the environment, the garden, and you. But can you use a soaker hose with a rain barrel?

Yes, a soaker hose can be used with a rain barrel if equipped with low-pressure features to supply non-pressurized water. Specially designed no pressure soaker hoses are used with rain barrels because rain barrels offer too low pressure.

Keep reading this article to learn more about using a soaker hose with a rain barrel.

Can You Use a Soaker Hose With a Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels are not designed to deal with high-pressure water. It may seem insignificant to water the plants with soaker hoses. It will be an efficient way to water your plants using a rain barrel, even if it works slowly. 

They assure an equal supply of water to every plant, essential for healthy and similar growth. Soaker hoses also conserve water with minimal effort. It is clear that a specific amount of pressure is necessary for correct working. 

What Level of Pressure Does a Rain Barrel Have?

The rain barrel does not provide enough force or pressure to move the water. So, you will need to adjust to delivering the required pressure for equal supply.

You can use gravity to develop the pressure; if not possible, using a pump is recommended for pressure creation. You must raise the rain barrel off the ground to use gravity to create water pressure.

The rain barrel offers 40-50 psi pressure. Keeping the rain barrel 2 to 3 feet above the irrigation system will be suitable for generating 1 psi pressure.

How Does a Rain Barrel Work With a Soaker Hose?

Rain barrels soaker hoses work similarly to drip hoses except for no-pressure features. Soaker hoses are designed perfectly for rain barrels; it works simply by slowly dripping the rainwater through small holes. 

But remember, the rain barrels work on the base of gravity, so they are recommended for gravity-fed irrigation systems. You must rely on gravity for watering.

Does Gravity Produce Enough Pressure to Supply Water to a Soaker Hose?

What does it mean if the water level is 6 feet above the ground? It will be less than 1/3 of the required pressure for the soaker hose. Pressure will be much less than 8 to 10 psi for a smooth water supply. 

Rain barrels do not produce much pressure to accelerate the water through the soaker hose. But if you adjust it 3 to 4 feet above the garden level, it can produce some pressure to flow water through the soaker hose. 

Water flow through rain barrels will be slow, but it will be efficient for rain water supply.

What Should Be the Length of a Rain Barrel Soaker Hose?

Rain barrel soaker hose’s length also affects the water supply. It should be according to the recommended length for smooth performance. It will be hard to supply good water when its length increases.

Rain barrels come in various lengths, from 50 to 500 feet rolls. 50 to 75 feet long soaker hoses are recommended for normal water supply. Never fall into the trap that long hoses work better because they will never.

How to Use a Soaker Hose With a Rain Barrel?

It is pertinent to connect the soaker hose properly with the rain barrel to get required results. For successful use of a soaker hose with a rain barrel ensure all the parts are properly connected. 

Follow below steps for proper connection of the soaker hose with the rain barrel.

Step 1 (Customization of Soaker Hose):

Soaker hoses come with flexibility of customization. You can customize them according to your requirements. You have the option to customize its configuration and length.

Step 2 (Connect the Soaker Hose With Rain Barrel):

For proper connection of soaker hose with rain barrel you should connect it by using the female faucet adapter. It will provide you enough control for fitting and screwing.

Step 3 (Insert End Cap): 

Finally install the end cap at the end of the hose, which will ensure proper flow of water. But make sure the hole is clean, if not then first clean the hole and cover it with 200 mesh filters to protect it from clogging.

Video Instruction Step – Rain Barrel With Saker Hose In Garden

What Is the Best Soaker Hose for a Rain Barrel?

Soaker hoses are one of the most essential tools for lawn owners because of their innovative features. Soaker hoses that ensure low pressure are the best to use for rain barrels.  

High output hoses are specially designed to work with gravity fed irrigation systems which are called soaker hose rain barrels.

Why Is a Soaker Hose Rain Barrel Beneficial?

Soaker hose rain barrels are beneficial for the gardeners for many reasons.

  • Soaker hose rain barrels ensure more consistency than other soaker hoses. The reason is low pressure on the watering system.
  • Rain water is supplied for the plants that contain fewer amounts of minerals. 
  • Minimum water is consumed in rain barrel soaker hoses so they are proven as the most cost-effective that saves excessive use of water.
  • Installation of rain barrel soaker hoses is pretty easy.
  • Rain water has less chemicals than tap water that improve plants growth. 
  • You can save electric energy because there is no need for any power motor. Water flows only by the use of gravity.

Frequently Asked Questions: Soaker Hose With Rain Barrel

Do We Need a Special Hose for the Rain Barrel?

You have two sources for flowing water through hoses when using a rain barrel. The first one is gravity and the second one is the pump. If you are using the pump, there is no need for any special hose for the rain barrel.

But if you are using a gravity source, you will need a special type of soaker hose designed for use with a rain barrel. Only properly designed soaker hoses for rain barrels ensure the correct pressure level for smooth water flow.

Can a Soaker Hose Be Buried?

Yes, soaker hoses can be buried under the mulch. But make sure you have not buried it under the soil because there are more chances that it will protect water from flowing through the hose.

Can We Use Rain Barrels for Drip Irrigation Systems?

It is possible only when you have a pump to raise the pressure for water flow. But if no pump is available then it will not be suitable because of low pressure.

Is It Possible to Connect a Rain Barrel With a Sprinkle System?

It is not effective to connect the soaker hose with the traditional ground water system. Rain barrel soaker hoses are only effective for watering in- ground systems. 


You have gone through the content; soaker hoses can be used with rain barrels. It is an efficient way of watering the plants with zero water loss. But for its best performance, you need a proper setup of the water system.

Specially designed soaker hoses with no pressure are best with rain barrels. No doubt, these soaker hoses are expensive, but they are also more cost-effective and long-lasting than other soaker hoses. 

You will need to set it 3 to 4 feet above the garden level for proper water flow because of gravity force.

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