Can You Use Air Hose Reel For Pressure Washer

Can You Use Air Hose Reel For Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer machine is a helpful tool for home improvement projects. You need periodic replacement of its hose for better performance. You have an air hose reel in your store; perhaps it may be a suitable hose for a pressure washer. Can you use air hose reel for pressure washer?

Yes, you can use an air hose reel for a pressure washer. It is made of similar materials and offers supporting features that may fit pressure washers.

Keep reading the blog to know why an air hose reel is the best alternative for a pressure washer.

Can an Air Hose Be Used for a Pressure Washer? Top 2 Facts

Here are details of certain features that make an air hose the best alternative for a pressure washer hose. 

2 Features That Make an Air Hose the Best:

1. Material 

There is not much difference in their materials. Both hose and pressure washer nozzles are almost made of similar materials such as silicone, plastic and rubber.

These materials offer greater strength against water. So no issue when you use an air hose for water transfer with a pressure washer.

Because the similarity in the material does not create a mess when used for pressure washers. It can transfer an adequate amount of water to wash your car or home.

2. Pressure strength

Air hoses are also found effective for high pressure. They have strength to work for 100 or more psi. Because of this feature, you can use air hoses for pressure washers.

How Can I Use an Air Hose Reel for a Pressure Washer?

It is almost similar to the use of a water hose. Follow the below simple steps to use an air hose reel for a pressure washer

  • Turn on the air compressor and ensure the pressure level is 30 PSI.
  • Then attach one end of the air hose to the faucet outside
  • Attach its other end to the pressure washer.
  • Then connect the air hose to the airline connection
  • Turn on the faucet to run water through the air hose


Now you have got the detailed answer related to the quarry can air hose be used for pressure washer or not. Usually, trying an air hose for a pressure washer is a cash-saving process. Besides, it is effortless to clean. Get a better gardening condition.

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