Can You Use an Air Hose for Water?

Air hoses are excellent tools for pneumatic applications. But they have many good features that may also make them suitable for water. As a newbie, you want to know, can you use air hose for water.

Yes, air hoses can be used for water. Air hoses may prove excellent tools because of water-friendly materials and incredible pressure strength features.

However, read this blog to enhance your knowledge about why air hoses are suitable for water applications.

Top 2 Facts- Why Can I Use an Air Hose Reel for Water?

  1. Material

Most of the air hoses and water hoses are made of similar materials. Rubbers, PVC, and polyurethane are some common materials for both types of hoses. 

Because of common materials specifications, you may find air hoses supportive for water application as water hoses. There is no issue of corrosion or contaminations when using air hoses for water transfer.

  1. Pressure

For the air tools, the average required PSI is between 70 to 90 PSI. Some high-quality air hoses can also handle up to 200 PSI. 

But for water applications, you do not need more than 40 to 60 PSI. So, air hoses can easily handle the pressure of the water supply. 

Even in high-pressure water applications, there is no need to be worried when you have an air hose.

Can I Use an Air Hose Reel for Water?

Yes, an air hose reel can be an excellent tool for water applications. But you might need to install an air compressor; otherwise, you might experience volume and pressure issues.

Final Verdict

Garden hoses are commonly used for water applications. But you can use air hoses too for water applications. 

They provide more pressure strength and friendly behavior for water. So, using an air hose for water applications can be an inexpensive DIY solution.

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