Can You Use Radiator Hose for Fuel Filler Neck?

Radiator hoses come with a tensile strength that is excellent for hydraulic applications. DIY enthusiasts also recommend a radiator hose used for the fuel filler neck. But can you use radiator hose for fuel filler neck?

No, you can’t use the radiator hose for the fuel filler neck. Radiator hose has low resistivity for fuel which may fill your filler system with rubber debris. Pressure strength is almost 4 times less than fuel filler hoses.

Let’s dive into the topic to know why a radiator hose is a poor choice for fuel filler neck mechanically.

2 Mechanical Facts- Radiator Hose is Worst for Fuel Filler Neck

Here are 2 mechanical facts that make the radiator hose the worst choice for the fuel filler neck.

  1. Poor resistivity for Fuel

Fuel is very reactive, so when in contact with any surface, try to contaminate it. Radiator hose that is mostly made of rubber has poor strength against fuel. So it quickly reacts with the fuel and starts damaging. 

Over time you fill your fuel filler tank with rubber debris which not just affects the fuel filler neck area but also damages the fuel line. It is a cheap solution, but mostly you experience the worst things.

  1. Pressure resistance

It is essential to have extra strength for pressure to meet fuel filler criteria. Generally, the fuel filler neck area needs a hose that can handle pressure up to 200PSI.

But radiator hoses do not have a strength of more than 40 to 50 PSI. So, their mechanical specifications made it the worst choice for the fuel filler neck.

Can I Use a Radiator Hose to Repair the Fuel Filler Neck?

High-quality rubber materials like Teflon, EPDM and NBR are recommended for the fuel filler neck. We do not recommend their full use for fuel filler. But you can use high-quality rubber hoses to repair the fuel filler neck.

Final Verdict

The fuel Filler neck needs high pressure and resistive fuel hose. You can use high-quality rubber-made radiator hoses for the fuel filler neck. But you will be at risk of rubber debris in your fuel tank.

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