Can You Use Rubber Hose for Brake Line

Can You Use Rubber Hose for Brake Line?

Rubber hoses are inexpensive and useful for many hydraulic applications. Perhaps, the rubber hose also works awesomely for the brake line. Indeed, before using, you want to know whether you can use rubber hose for the brake line.

Yes, a rubber hose can be used for the brake line. It is long-lasting, flexible, easy to mold in desirable shape, and non-reactive to brake fluid. So, no issue to use rubber hoses for the brake line.

However, you need more information to answer your questions. Let’s discuss why the rubber hose is compatible with the brake line.

3 Key Facts- Rubber Hose Can Be Used for Brake Line

Here are three key facts that make rubber hose compatible with brake line systems.

  1. Durability

The brake line system needs durable material for the transfer of brake fluid. Rubber hose offers tensile strength. The average life of a rubber hose for a brake line system is 5 to 7 years. Many vehicles have rubber hoses for the brake line system. 

When it comes to durability, EPDM and NBR rubber hoses are an excellent choice over the standard rubber materials for the brake line. 

  1. Flexibility in use

Rubber hoses offer greater flexibility; rubber hoses are more flexible than metal hoses. So they are easy to mold in any shape, making them suitable for brake line systems in different vehicles.

  1. Non-reactive with brake fluids

Another excellent feature that makes rubber hose compatible with brake line systems is its non-reactive behavior for brake fluids. 

No worry, it is highly resistive against brake fluid. You will never find its residuals in brake fluid until you use a cheap quality rubber hose.

Can You Fix Brake Line With Rubber Hose?

Yes, you can use a rubber hose for the brake line. Rubber hose offers compatible features that make it a good choice for the brake line. You can patch the line with a rubber hose without worrying about performance.

Final Verdict

Rubber hoses come with flexible features. They are undoubtedly the first and foremost recommended hose for the brake line. But its convenient features make it compatible with the brake line system.

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