Can You Use Silicone Hose for Fuel

Can You Use Silicone Hose for Fuel?

Silicone is an excellent choice for pneumatic systems. You may find it excellent hose material for fuel systems too. But can you use silicone hose for fuel?

No, you should not use silicone hose for fuel. It has low resistance to fuel and easily dissolves in the fuel when contacted. The second thing is that it has a porous structure that is nothing except wastage of fuel.

However, you need more information to understand. Let’s dive into the topic.

Why Silicone Hose Is Not Suitable for Fuel: Top 2 Mechanical Facts

Here are 2 mechanical facts that make silicone hoses a poor choice for fuel lines.

  1. Poor strength for fuel

Silicone hose has poor strength against fuel. When fuel passes through silicone hoses, it reacts with fuel. On reaction, silicone dissolved into a gooey mess. 

It not just disturbs the fuel line performance but also fills the air filter and carburetor with silicone material. So, never use a silicone hose for the fuel line.

  1. Porous structure

Pure silicone hoses are porous because they are manufactured for pneumatic applications. When you use silicone hoses for fuel lines, you will experience fuel loss. 

Most silicone hoses are porous even when mixed with other materials. So avoid using silicone hoses for fuel lines, even the mixes.

Is There Any Silicone Hose Type for the Fuel Line?

Yes, flurosilicone liners are manufactured with hydraulic applications supporting features. You can use them for the fuel line. But we will not recommend a flurosilicone hose for the fuel line.

Final Verdict

Silicone hose offers excellent features such as long life, good look, and high-pressure strength. But silicone hoses for fuel lines are very weak tools. Because of their quick reaction with fuel and porous structure, they are not a good choice for the fuel line.

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