How to bend a silicone hose

How to Bend a Silicone Hose

Sometimes, you may need to bend a silicone hose especially when they do not come in a suitable form. In that case, you need to bend them to fit your projects. Bending silicone hose wouldn’t be as tough as you think if you know the tricks. But how to bend silicone hose?

Heat the silicone hose using a heat gun, hairdryer, oven, or warm water. Bend it to the required angle wearing plastic gloves or covering the hose with a soft thick cloth. You can use an already bent hose or PVC pipe for easy bending. Let it cool for a couple of minutes to get permanent shape.

This article will provide step-by-step instructions on different ways to bend various kinds of silicone hoses. Use the technique that’s best for your scenario.

How to Bend a Silicone Hose?

There is no recommended bending tool for the silicone hose except a heating gun because there is a risk you may damage the pipe. 

But unfortunately, there is no other option for us. But when needed, you can use it while using, follow the proper instructions to keep the silicone pipe protected from kinks.

Step 1- Arrange required tools and Materials.

You will need metal springs, soft but thick cloth, and a heating gun. You have multiple options to choose from heating guns. 

But if you do not have a heating gun, then a hairdryer, soldering irons, butane torch, and lighters can also be used for silicone hose bending. 

Springs should be 10 to 12 inches in length, and their width should be according to silicone pipe width.

Step 2- Insert spring.

Insert pipes inside the silicone hose. Ensure that there is no barrier and the entire spring is inserted properly.

Step 3- Heat the hose with a heat gun.

Switch on your heat gun and set its temperature up to 300°F.  Place a silicone pipe on the table and heat it from all sides. 4 to 5 minutes are enough for a moderate size pipe.

Step 4- Bend silicone hose.

Then cover your hands with a cloth and bend the hose gently at whatever angle you want to bend. Do not apply too much force or do it too quickly; it may cause kinks in the pipe. Also, arrange the plastic gloves or soft but thicker cloth pieces.

How to Bend Silicone Radiator Hose

Silicone radiator hoses are expensive; you need to be careful while bending. We will not recommend a heating gun for this purpose. 

It is best if you provide heat through hot water. Follow the below instructions to bend the silicone radiator hose.

Step 1- Get the required materials.

Get a burner, a bowl of enough size to dip the hose, metal spring, and arrange an already bent silicone hose or bent PVC pipe.

Step 2- Warm up water and dip the hose.

Now fill the bowl with water and place it over the burner. Switch on the burner and let it become hot; you should heat water up to 300°F.  

Then dip the silicone radiator hose in the water after inserting a metal spring. Allow it for 10 minutes in hot water.

Step 3- Bend the silicone radiator pipe.

Then switch off the burner, remove the bowl, and remove the hose. Place the bent hose or PVC pipe and radiator hose together. 

Now cover both hoses with cloth and bend it towards the already bent hose. Try to bend it the same as the already bent hose as much as possible. 

Once done, allow it to cool for 20 minutes, and then remove the spring. It will be perfectly bent without causing kinks or any other damage.

How to Bend Vacuum Hose Silicone

When it comes to bending vacuum hose silicone, we recommend an oven. The oven will tell you the exact temperature essential for the perfect bending of silicone vacuum hoses. Follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1- Get the required tools and materials.

Arrange an oven; surely you will already have it and plastic gloves or a soft thick cloth piece.

Step 2- Clean the hose and place it in the oven.

Clean the silicone vacuum hose with water or soap; it will also make it slippery. Then place the silicone Vacuum hose in the oven and set the temperature to 325 F degrees. Allow it for 10 minutes.

Step 3- Shape the hose.

After 10 minutes, take the hose out and cover the hose with a cloth or wear plastic gloves. Now gently bend the silicone hose at the required angle.

How to Custom Bend Red Silicone Hose?

There is no difference in shaping the red silicone hose, than vacuum hose pipe, except for the temperature. Red silicone hoses are resistant to high temperatures up to 480 F. You must set the oven’s temperature from 550 F to 600 F when bending a red silicone hose.

You should be more careful because such a high temperature may cause a hand burn or damage the hose if you place it for more time in the oven. Never put it for more than 10 minutes if you have an average thick red silicone hose. 

How to Permanently Bend a Silicone Radiator Hose?

When bending the silicone radiator hose permanently, follow below simple instructions.

Step 1- Arrange for essential tools and materials.

You will need water, soap, an oven, plastic gloves, and a soft thick cloth piece.

Step 2- Apply water and soap.

Then dip the radiator hose in the water and apply water over it. It will make it slip on easily. 

Step 3- Bend the silicone radiator hose.

Then gently bend the silicone radiator hose at your required angle.

Step 4- Place it in Oven.

Once bent, place the silicone radiator hose in the oven at 325 F for 10 minutes; if the hose is thicker, you can extend the time for 2 or 3 minutes.

Step 5- Take it out and allow for cooling.

Wear the gloves, and switch off the oven. Cover the hose with a soft cloth and take it out of the oven. Let it cool slowly. Once cooled, it is ready to use.

What Is a Suitable Thing for Bending Silicone Hose?

super flexible silicone hose

There is no other way to bend the silicone hoses except by heating them. But we will never recommend it as the best method because it is too risky; if you are not skilled, there is more chance that you will damage the silicone hose.

Modern Ultrflex and Superflex silicone hoses are the best hoses when you need bending. 

Ultraflex silicone hoses are perfect for tight bending radius, while Superflex silicone hoses are good for smaller pipes and less tight bending. These are very flexible and ensure easy and safe bending.

Can You Bend the Silicone Hose?

Yes, you can bend the silicone hoses; they are very flexible that can bend without causing cracks. But you will need the proper techniques for successful bending.


Silicone hoses are recommended as the best alternatives for rubber hoses. They are efficient and highly resistant to heat. Because of their versatile features, they are suitable for several DIY and commercial uses. 

To make them suitable for different conditions, you need to shape them. Bending the silicone hoses is simple but needs care for perfect finishing. 

You need to apply different techniques for different silicone hoses for using them in different projects. We have also provided some easy techniques; you can use any above methods according to your needs.

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