How to Fix a Rubber Hose Leak

How to Fix a Large Rubber Hose Leak

Repairing or fixing a rubber hose leak isn’t difficult. You can simply repair or fix it by yourself with wrapping tape. But if the leakage isn’t just a small leak, if it symbolizes a large one, then you need to go through it differently. So the question is, how do I fix a rubber hose leak if it is a large hole.

Using a small metal or small plastic pipe, you can easily fix a rubber hose leak (if it is a large hole).  After placing this supporting part on the large hole, you can apply an electric tap.

 However, you need to complete the guidelines mentioned above in a step-by-step process. Stay tuned to know the overall process.

How to Fix a Large Rubber Hose Leak? Easy 6 Steps

If your rubber hose has a larger leak or hole, you can simply fix it using metal/plastic small pipe+Tape. Lets’ know the overall process.

Things You Need:

  • metal/plastic small pipe
  • Large rubber hose leak
  • electrical tape
  • Water
  • sharp knife

Step-by-step process to fix a rubber hose leak

I mentioned earlier that you can use electrical tape over the leak if you have small leakages in the rubber hose. But if the leakage is large, then follow the below steps.

Step 1- Locate the leakage.

It is not difficult to locate the considerable leakage; even you can find it without running water.

Step 2- Cut the hose.

Then cut the hose in two halves because large leakages start water leakage after a couple of days. So cut it with a sharp knife in two halves.

Step 3- Remove the leaked part.

Cut and remove the part that is leaked. 

Step 4- Patch both parts

Then patch up the parts using a metal or plastic small pipe to connect both parts.

Step 5- Wrap electrical tape.

Once you have patched up both parts, wrap the electrical tape around.

Step 6- Test the leakage.

Now allow water through the hose and test leakage, no leakage? You have done your job. 

Final verdict:

There you have the DIY solution to deal with a large rubber hose leak. Before trying to solve this type of problem, I always recommend that you have a minimum basic knowledge of the related fields.

Don’t waste your time and money if you don’t have any idea and are less confident about the fixing process. Don’t worry!!! Of course, you will get professionals’ help to solve your hose problem.

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