How To Remove Rubber Hose

How To Remove Rubber Hose?

We often need to remove the rubber hose due to technical faults or winter issues. Removal of rubber hoses is simple, but sometimes it becomes challenging when it gets stuck. Without having proper technical knowledge, solving how to remove the rubber hose is a tough job for anyone.

Removal of rubber hose is simple; you can remove it with simple tools. You may need hot water or a hair dryer when it is stuck.  The rubber hose removal process mostly contains 3 to 4 steps. The process is almost similar for every type of rubber hose, with some variations in techniques. 

You will be taught easy ways to remove rubber hose from different fittings. Continue reading to learn easy ways for rubber hose removal.

How to Remove Rubber Hose? Let’s Know Different Methods and Steps

When removing a rubber hose, you have multiple tools options to remove the hose. When removing the rubber hose, you can use pliers, screwdriver, or hacksaw with some simple tools.

Method 1: Removal of Rubber Hose Through Wrench or Pliers or Lubricants

You will need a wrench or pliers and WD-40 or other lubricants.

Step one- Spray WD-40

First of all, spray with WD-40 and leave it for a couple of minutes to become loose. When spraying, ensure you have applied over the threads.

Step two- Remove the hose.

Now take the pliers or wrench, whichever you have, and set it over the hose. Turn the hose anti-clockwise to loosen it. When it loses enough, remove it.

It works most of the time; if it does not work and you see the hose is stuck, then a hacksaw can solve your problem.

Method 2: Remove the Stuck Rubber Hose With Saw and Screwdriver

Hacksaw works awesomely when removing the stuck hoses. The way you will do it is to use the saw vertically perpendicular to the threads

Let’s take a look at the top 4 easy steps to remove the stuck rubber hose. 

Step one- Arrange the tools.

You will need a hacksaw, flat head screwdriver, or cutter.

Step two- Work with Hacksaw.

Slowly use the hacksaw through the stuck hose’s coupling. But make sure you are cutting the fitting or spigot itself.

Step three- Use Screwdriver

Once you have done and get a clean area for working, take your screwdriver. Flat head screwdrivers are better for this purpose. 

Insert the screwdriver inside the cut area and try to snap the coupling. Be patient; you need a few tries to lose, so be careful.

Step four- Snap the coupling.

Retake the hacksaw and try to twist the pry bar; it should snap the coupling. Once you see the coupling snaps, you will be able to remove it. Check it; if it is loose, use the screwdriver and remove it.

Method 3: Remove Rubber Hose From Barbed Fitting

Hose over the barbed fittings can be found in plumbing applications and low-pressure automotive. 

Barbed fittings are made of brass and tightened with the clamp to hold the fittings. You can remove the hose from barbed fitting in the following ways.

Step one- Get the required tools.

You should have a flat-head screwdriver, utility knife, hair dryer, scalding hot water, and radiator hose pulling tool for smooth working, but optional.

Step two- Locate the clamp.

Before setting out for the work, ensure the hose should not be under pressure; otherwise, you may experience some injury. If satisfied, locate the screw holding clamps over the hose. 

Step three- Pull the clamp from Hose.

Now take the flat-head screwdriver and to free the hose clamp slide, turn it counterclockwise until you see it becomes free. Once it is loose, pull the hose clamp down away from the fitting.

Step four- Cut the fitting.

Then cut it through using a utility knife. When cutting, try to cut it lengthwise where it is attached to the barbed fittings. 

But make sure it will completely damage the hose, so only go for this step if you do not have a plan to reuse it. But if you want to reuse it, follow the next step and skip this one.

If you do not plan to reuse it, pull the hose off the fitting and cut it long enough. You would be able to remove it easily from the barbed fitting.

Step five- Heat the hose.

If you want to reuse rubber hoses, use this step instead of the last one. You will need to soak the hose with scalding hot water, or if it is not possible, use the hair dryer to heat the hose.

Then using a screwdriver, twist it back and forth until you pull it off from the barbed fitting. When you use the heat, it will expand and soften the hose, which will make you able to pull off the barbs.

Method 5: Remove Rubber Hose From the Pipe

Removal of rubber hose is simple from a pipe. You need a hairdryer and screwdriver to remove it. 

Step one- Use Screwdriver

Take the screwdriver and try to unscrew the hose from the pipe. It will be removed but if not, go for the next step.

Step two- Use a hairdryer.

If your hose is tight enough, it is better to heat it for loosening. Heat it with a hairdryer and try to pull it forth and back. It may take a few tries, so be patient and remove it.

Method 6: Remove a Rubber Hose off a Pvc Pipe

Removing a rubber hose off a PVC pipe is similar to removing a hose from barbed fittings. You can follow the same guidance instructions to remove rubber hose from a PVC pipe fitting. 

Method 7: Remove Rubber Hose From the AC System

Removing the rubber hose from the Ac system is tricky, but you can remove it easily if you follow the instructions below.

Step one- Park the car

Park your car under the shade, switch it off and open the car head to locate the AC section to remove the rubber hose.

Step two- Access to hose

Locate the rubber hose in the ac system; it will be at the start of the ac line system.

Step three- Use the screwdriver.

First, use the screwdriver to remove the rubber hose, turn it counterclockwise to loosen, and once loose, remove it. But if it does not work, go for the next step.

Step four- Use the hacksaw.

If it is stuck, use the hacksaw to cut the hose assembly. But remember, it will damage the hose, and you will not be able to reuse it. 

Run the hacksaw perpendicular and carefully for cutting the hose assembly. If you see it is clear, use the screwdriver and remove it.

Video Instruction: How to Removed Rubber Hose?

Does Rubber Hose Damage When Removed?

No, not all; if you remove them carefully, they will be able to be reused. But if the hose is stuck, it is more likely to damage.


Removing rubber hoses is simple but tricky when removing stuck hoses. It will not take more than a couple of minutes if you learn the proper techniques. 

By following the above techniques, you will not just be able to remove the rubber hose from different fittings but also be able to protect your hose from damage.

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