How to Use an Expandable Hose

How to Use an Expandable Hose

Expandable hoses are new in the market, and you may not be familiar with them. People are using these due to the benefits they offer over traditional ones. If you are planning to buy one or already have one but can not understand the using process, you may ask, How to Use an Expandable Hose?

To use an expandable hose, you need to connect the hose with a water source and slowly let the water flow to expand the hose first. Then connect the spray nozzle and use it like any other regular hose.

If you are not too familiar with hoses, you find this short explanation hard to understand. You can read the full article to learn using an expandable hose with detailed instructions.

How to Use an Expandable Hose – Step by Step

Expandable hoses are lightweight and easy to maintain. Their using process is also pretty easy. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to use expandable hoses:

  1. Check if the rubber ring is installed
  2. Attach the expandable hose to a water source
  3. Expand the hose with filling water
  4. Connect the spray nozzle
  5. Increase water pressure and use
  6. Turn off the water supply after finishing work
  7. Store the expandable hose

Below is a detailed explanation of all the steps in using an expandable hose:

Step1: Checking

If you are using the hose for the first time, gently unravel it and do not try to stretch with your hands. Check the side which will be attached to the water source. There will be a rubber ring installed inside; check if it is well fitted.

Step 2: Attach to the Water Source

Now, attach the female fitting of the expandable hose to the water source. Select a place from where you can easily do your watering work.

Step 3: Expand the Hose

Keep the On/Off button on the outer side to the Off position. Now turn on the water supply and slowly fill the hose. It will make the hose expand (typically to triple the length of the original size). Do not apply too much water pressure in the beginning, or that can have adverse effects.

Step 4: Connect the Spray Nozzle

Then connect the spray nozzle to the outlet side. Most good expandable hoses come with 9-function spray nozzles, while some may have 8-function spray nozzles. You can make the connection by simply pushing the nozzle onto the outer end. 

Step 5: Increase Water  Pressure & Use

Now you can gradually increase the speed of the water supply and use it like any other normal hose. Turn on or off the spray nozzle as you require. You can water your garden or use the hose to wash your car. Remember to keep the water pressure to a tolerable level. Your expandable hose has a specific pressure rating; follow that to ensure the hose lasts long.

Step 6: Turn off the Water Supply After Using

Turn off the water supply after you finish working with the expandable hose. Use the nozzle to spray out all the water. The expandable hose will automatically get squeezed to its original length. This is a great benefit of these hoses in that you do not need to coil them like the traditional hoses.

Step 7: Storing

Lastly, take your expandable hose and keep it in a safe place. If you keep it outside, the environment may affect its durability. 

How Do You Take Care of an Expandable Hose?

Are you not sure about how to take off an expandable hose after using it? It is essential to know the basic maintenance guide to use the hose for a longer period. Here are some tips to take care of an expandable hose:

  • Do not leave the hose outside in direct sunlight. The high temperature can affect the hose materials and reduce lifespan.
  • Also, do not leave the hose in an extremely cold environment. It can make the hose materials a little stiff and cause cracking when you try to work with the hose.
  • Ensure that you have drained the expandable hose completely before storing it.
  • Though expandable hoses do not tangle or kink, still, remember not to store in such conditions.

These were some of the essentials you should follow after working with your expandable hose.

Are Expandable Hoses Any Good?

Expandable hoses come with many advantages, and that is why more and more people are using them. An expandable hose is easy to use and store. It is quite lightweight and has high portability. And also, the maintenance of an expandable is effortless.

Can You Put an Expandable Hose on a Reel?

Yes, you can put an expandable hose on a reel. Before you wound the hose around a reel, make sure you have drained out all the water well. When the expandable hose is back to its normal length, put it on a reel.

What Is the Best Expandable Hose?

The best expandable hose will be made of high-quality materials with at least two layers of inner tubing. It should be expanded to three times its squeezed length. Try to go for the one that offers a sprayer nozzle with at least 8 setting options. 

Are you looking for an expandable hose but unable to find a good one? Then check our top picks below:

1. Joey’s Expandable Garden Hose

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid brass connector to screw on any standard spigot
  • 8-pattern spray nozzle with rubber handle for easy grip
  • Two-color variants: black & green
  • Inner latex and outer elastic fabrics ensure durability

Joey’s Garden has a good reputation for producing superior gardening equipment. Their Expandable Garden Hose received excellent reviews from customers. So, you can consider buying this one.

Joey’s Expandable Hose Review:

The inner tubing is latex, and the outer side is elastic fabrics that expand thrice of its original size. Joey’s tested the hose with different measures to ensure it had high durability. 

You can choose between either black or green colors. There are multiple options for sizes, too, ranging from 25 feet to 100 feet. It has brass-made fittings to control the pressure of the water. The sprayer nozzle comes with 8 settings which are pretty convenient.

2. TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight design with 1.8lbs of weight
  • Pressure rating: 145 PSI/10 Bar
  • Three layers of top grade latex core
  • Explosion-proof brass connectors
  • Rubber washer to prevent leakage

Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose from TheFitLife is pretty lightweight. It’s an excellent option for people who need an expandable hose with a lightweight design and maximum durability.

TheFitLife Expandable Hose Review:

It has a triple layer of inner latex tube with interwoven elasticated fabric in the outer layer. These materials are of high quality and long-lasting. Three layers of core latex ensure long durability. The brass fittings are also sturdy and resist corrosion.

It has only one color option, which is black. You can choose from four different length options including, 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet. It has a pressure rating of 145 PSI. The sprayer nozzle has 8 unique patterns for ease of use. 

3. Aterod Garden Hose Expandable 

Highlighted Features:

  • 9-function spray nozzle
  • Premium quality materials
  • A holder and a storage bag included
  • Durable 3750D polyester fabric on the outer layer
  • Triple-layer of flexible latex core

Aterod is an expert brand in making convenient horticulture products. This Garden Hose Expandable is another example of their high-quality equipment.

Aterod Hose Expandable Review:

The latex inner with polyester outer layer is quite flexible to use. Users have said the quality of the material is too good, and the expandable hose is highly durable.

Like most other expandable hoses, it comes in only black color. You get only two length options, including 50 feet and 100 feet. It comes with a holder and a storage bag for easy portability and storing. The good thing is this one has a 9 pattern nozzle.

4. Watato Expandable Garden Hose

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in attractive blue color
  • 10-function zinc alloy spray nozzle
  • It comes with a nice-looking gift box
  • Stretch quickly when the water supply is turned on
  • High-quality 4-layer inner latex tube 

The best thing about Watato Expandable Garden Hose is its unique design which is different from others. In addition, its 10-way spray nozzle makes it a must-buy.

Watato Expandable Hose Review:

The nozzle is made of zinc alloy and ABS plastic with rubber coating. It has 4-layers of latex core and polyester fabric for the outer layer. The high-quality materials offer protection from bursting, cracking, leaking and ensure a long durability.

It comes in blue color, which looks unique considering most other expandable hoses come in black color. You will have only a 100feet length option. This one is quite flexible and convenient to use due to its user-friendly design. It comes with an extra O ring and a gift box. 

5. SnugNiture Expandable Garden Hose

Highlighted Features:

  • Three color options: blue, red-black, green
  • 10-function spray nozzle 
  • Strong 3750D polyester fabric cover
  • It comes with a water hose hanger
  • Ergonomic handgrip for convenient use

Another blue Expandable Garden Hose in the list, and it is offered by SnugNiture. It offers almost everything you expect from an expandable hose.

SnugNiture Expandable Hose Review:

Strong polyester fabric protects the four layers of latex core. The soft materials help in preventing tangling or kinking. It can withstand temperatures of 41° to 113° Fahrenheit. Besides, the materials are both soft and highly durable.

There are three size options, 25, 50, and 100 feet. This expandable hose has a 10-function spray nozzle for a wide range of usage. You can use this hose for a wide range of activities such as watering your garden, washing your car, or pet cleaning.


When you ask, How to Use an Expandable Hose, the answer is pretty straightforward. We have explained the whole process. You can use the knowledge to work with your expandable hose.

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