Jubilee Clip vs Hose Clamp

Jubilee Clip vs Hose Clamp Details Guide

Jubilee clips and hose clamps are quite useful tools in automotive. If you are dealing with hoses in your car, you may need to buy some clips of clamps. But which one do you need for your vehicle? A comparison between the jubilee clip vs hose clamp can help you to make your decision.

The main difference between a jubilee clip and a hose clamp is in the purpose of application. Jubilee clips are for attaching hoses to pipes, so they stay in a place. Hose clamps, on the other hand, are for tightening hose pipes to prevent leakage.

A few lines may not be enough for you to understand when you should use which tools. Therefore, we have explained the differences between jubilee clips and hose clamps in detail. Stay tuned till the end to know the differences and decide which one you need.

Let’s first know what jubilee clips and hose clamps are and why they are used. It will help you understand the differences better. 

What is a Jubilee Clip?

Jubilee Clip is mainly a brand name for worm drive hose clips. British company L Robinson and Co first produced the product, and it was so popular that the name got genericized.

In automotive, a hose clip is used for supporting overhanging portions of any hose pipe. It also helps in minimizing oscillating the hose while driving.


  • Jubilee clips help in keeping hoses in place.
  • They do not usually cut through hoses as they have a soft design.


  • You can not tighten the hose strongly with jubilee clips.

What is a Hose Clamp?

A hose clamp is used for tightening the hose connection. Most vehicles have cooling systems, which include hose pipes. Hose clamps ensure that the pipe does not leak.

There are different types of hose clamps available in the market, such as spring hose clamps, screw hose clamps, t-bolt clamps, etc. 


  • Hose clamps are excellent at preventing leakage in hose pipes.
  • A variety of hose clamps are available to fit your needs.


  • Some specific types of hose clamps may cut through hose pipes.

Jubilee Clip vs Hose Clamp: Key Differences

Literally, clips are for grasping particular items, while clamps are for strengthening them. But the real difference between jubilee clips and hose clamps is much more than that.

Some of the key differences are:

  • Purpose

The first and the main difference is the purpose why they are used. Though they look similar and have identical applications, the purpose is different. 

Hoses and pipes in vehicles may scatter around. A jubilee clip is used for attaching them, so they stay in a place. 

Then again, the hose pipes in the cooling system may get leaked. Hose clamps are used to prevent such leakages in hose pipes.

  • Application

The application method of these two tools varies slightly. You need to tighten a hose clamp well to get the proper outcome. 

Additionally, you need to keep in mind the amount of pressure they may put on your hoses. Though you also need to tighten jubilee clips, a firm tightening will do the job. 

That’s because the purpose is only to keep the hoses and pipes together.

  • Design & Materials

The jubilee clip material is mainly soft such as plastic. And hose clamps were made with steel. Today both of these tools are made with stainless steel or similar materials. But still, the design of jubilee clips is more smooth compared to hose clamps.

  • Usage

Jubilee clips are made for use on soft materials such as leather, rubber, and vinyl. Hose clamps can be used on tougher materials and can be tightened more. However, if you are using them on your vehicle, both of them will work completely fine. 

  • Convenience

Jubilee clips are much easier to install than hose clamps. But when it comes to removing them, hose clamps are more convenient.

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Jubilee Clip vs Hose Clamp: Quick Comparison Chart

Basis of ComparisonJubilee ClipsHose Clamps
PurposeAttaching hoses with pipesStrengthening hose pipe connections
ApplicationTighten firmlyStrengthen to put constant pressure
DesignSoft and smoothLess soft
MaterialsPlastic or stainless steelStainless steel or similar
UsageMainly on soft itemsBoth on soft and hard items
ConvenienceEasy installEasy removal
WeightVery lightLight
Price$0.20-$0.80 per piece$0.10-$1.5 per piece

Which One Should You Use?

After learning about the differences, we guess you have understood that they are not alternatives to each other. When you need to attach the hoses and pipes, you need jubilee clips. But when you want to tighten and seal the hoses to prevent leakage, you will need hose clamps 

Best Jubilee Clip

GOSONO Stainless Steel Mini Jubilee Fuel Hose Clamps Pipe Clips

GOSONO Stainless Steel Mini Jubilee Fuel Hose Clamps Pipe Clips

Jubilee clips from Gosono can be an excellent choice for you. These stainless jubilee clips are quite sturdy and durable. You can use them with almost any size of hoses. However, they are most suitable with silicone and hoses, and pipes. 

Pond Pipe Jubilee Clips – Hose Clamps Adjustable Double Wire Water Hose Barb Clamp Pipe Clip

Pond Pipe Jubilee Clips

Jubilee clips from Pond Pipe are also made of good quality stainless steel, but they also have zinc plating. It ensures protection from corrosion and rust. The edges are also quite smooth. So, they will not try to bite in your hands or into the hoses. 

Best Hose Clamp

Koehler Enterprises KE10BX Hose Clamp Box (Size SAE 10),silver

Koehler Enterprises KE10BX Hose Clamp

When it comes to quality hose clamps, Koehler Enterprise KE10BX can be a perfect choice. Though they do not specify the original number, they use 300 series stainless steel. It is quite sturdy and offers corrosion resistance. Overall, a good choice for automotive applications.

Leberna 304 Stainless Steel Stepless Single Ear 7-21mm Hose Clamps with Pincers Crimper Tool Kit

Leberna 304 Stainless Steel Stepless Single Ear 7-21mm Hose Clamps

Hose clamps for Leberna can also be a good choice, especially if you need the crimper tool kit. The clamps are made of 304 stainless steel, well known for corrosion resistance. 

Besides, the edges are also pretty smooth to ensure they do not bite into the hoses. If you are not satisfied after purchasing, you can return them within 30-days of purchase.

How to use Hose Clamps: Video Guide


The comparison between the jubilee clip vs hose clamp shows that you can use both of them at a time. Depending on why you want to use them, your decision can vary. 

Overall, jubilee clips are good for hose attachment and fix them in a place. And hose clamps are suitable for tightening hoses and preventing leakages.

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