How To Measure Rubber Hose

How To Measure Rubber Hose?

Your rubber hose diameter plays a significant role in reviving the garden and lawn. You will see a considerable difference in the performance between a right size rubber hose and whatever size. So measuring the rubber hose diameter is too essential. How to measure rubber hose?

Rubber hoses for different applications are typically 1/2”, 5/8”, or 3/4” in diameter. You can measure the inside diameter by inserting a dowel or measuring tape, and a caliper can measure the outside diameter.

However, there are many other things you need to know about measuring rubber hose diameter. You can measure it in several ways; stay tuned to learn more.

How to Measure the Diameter of Rubber Hoses?

When measuring the rubber hose’s diameter, you would need to measure it from the inside and outside. You would need different tools to measure the rubber hose’s inside and outside diameter.

A) Inside Diameter of the Rubber Hose:

The inside or inner diameter of a rubber hose is the distance between the two furthest points on the inner surface of the hose. 

Most of the hoses are made in inches. It needs to be measured exactly because it directly affects the water flow and pressure.

B) Outer Diameter of the Rubber Hose:

The outer diameter of a rubber hose means the entire cross-section of the rubber hose. Outer diameter is essential because it is used to ensure the hose fits with the allotted space.

Method 1: Measure the Inside Diameter of Rubber Hoses by Tape

Let’s measure the inside diameter of rubber hoses by tape by the following 3 easy steps. 

Step 1- Arrange the required tools.

First, get the required tools; you will need a tape measure. Once you have arranged, check the spaces between two numbers. Mostly the number of spaces or 16 or 32; suppose you have taken a measuring tape with 16 spaces between two numbers.

Step 2- Measure the distance.

Grab the measurement from one inner end to the other inner end. Then count the spaces; suppose it comes 6 spaces. You will write it as 6/16.

Step 3- Divide the reading by two.

Next, divide the reading by 2; the answer you will get is the diameter of the hose.
Suppose- If you get the following readings, then calculate it as.

2/4 when divided by 2= 1/2” 
6/16 when divided by 2= 3/4” 

You can use the same formula to calculate the inner diameter of the rubber hose.

Method 2: Measure the Inside Diameter of Rubber Hoses by Dowel

The other simple way to measure the rubber hose’s internal diameter is through the diameter. Follow below simple steps to measure the rubber hose’s inner diameter.

Step 1- Arrange the required tool.

You will need different dowels; mostly, you have 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, or ¾ inch hoses. So get the dowel of similar sizes.

Step 2- Remove accessories.

Remove all the accessories; it is essential for getting the correct measurement.

Step 3- Insert the dowel.

Then insert the dowel inside the hose to measure the exact diameter of the hose. Start with a smaller size dowel; when you insert the dowel, check its fitness. 

The dowel size that fits in the hose is the exact diameter. It is a simple process that would not take more than a few minutes. 

Method 3: Measure the Inside Diameter of Rubber Hoses by Index Card

If you are doing the experiment and need precise and accurate calculations, then you can follow this long process. It will provide you with the exact diameter.

Step 1- Remove accessories

First, remove the accessories such as the nozzle from the rubber hose

Step 2- Insert Index Card

Now take your index card and roll it into a pipe. Then insert the pipe into the opening of the rubber hose. Ensure that the pipe is almost half inside the rubber hose. Keep the pipe open inside the hose all the way.

Step 3- Tape the pipe

Then tape the pipe to keep it cylindrical when you remove it from the rubber hose. Carefully remove the pipe.

Step 4- Measure pipe diameter

Next, measure the diameter of the pipe’s one end that you have entered inside the hose.

How Do You Measure the Outer Diameter of Rubber Hoses?

Measuring the outer diameter of rubber hoses is very easy. You will need a caliper tool to measure the exact diameter. Follow the given steps to measure the rubber hose’s outer diameter.

Step 1- Arrange the required tools.

You will need a caliper tool to measure the rubber hose diameter. You should get the digital caliper because it is easy to read.

Step 2- Straight the rubber hose.

Then straighten your rubber hose because you will need to measure its diameter from different points. It will ensure the exact diameter of the hose.

Step 3- Measure the diameter.

Open the caliper jaws and spread the jaws around the rubber hose. Close it tightly but do not apply too much force. 

Check the reading on the caliper tool. Measure the diameter from 4 to 5 points to verify hose diameter.

Video Instruction: Measure Rubber Hose Diameter Perfectly

How to Measure a Coupler for a Rubber Hose?

Measuring the coupler diameter is not much different from the rubber hose. Follow easy steps to measure them with a digital caliper.

a) Measuring outside diameter of the coupler:

A coupler’s outside diameter follows the same process as above for measuring the rubber hose’s outer diameter. Because the coupler is small, you just need to measure it with a digital caliper from one point.

b) Measuring inner diameter of the coupler:

When you need to measure a coupler’s inner diameter, follow the steps below.

  • Take digital caliper
  • Place its jaws inside the couple and open them as much as possible
  • Read the reading at the display; it is the inner diameter of the coupler for the rubber hose

Why Is the Diameter of the Rubber Hose Essential?

The diameter measurement is essential because it directly affects the hose performance. The inner diameter will help you know the flow rate and pressure level, while the outer diameter ensures proper fitting with the nozzle, coupler, and other accessories.

Why Is It Essential to Measure the Hose From Different Points?

Measurement of hose from different points is essential for many good reasons. The major thing is that the diameter of the hoses is not the same at the ends of the hoses. So for better and more precise measurement, measuring it from different points is essential.


Rubber hoses are efficient tools widely used in many DIY and commercial applications. For whatever purpose you use, its correct size is essential for good performance. It affects the pressure, fluid flow levels, and proper fittings. You have many ways to measure, such as the dowel method, measure tape, and digital caliper. A digital caliper is an easier and more accurate way to measure the diameter of hoses and couplers for rubber hoses.

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