What Is A Hose Pipe

What Is A Hose Pipe?

Carrying gallons of fluid has always been a challenging task. Here you pick up 2 gallons of water for washing your car, and ouch…ended with a backache? That is why a hose pipe was brought into being. Want to know what is a hose pipe used for?

A hose pipe is a long, flexible tube that carries fluid long distances. Different types of hose pipes are present for different uses. However, it is banned in some areas across the world.

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What Is A Hose Pipe?

A hose pipe is a channel to carry fluids from one place to another. It is usually cylindrical in shape and hollow from the inside. 


A typical hose pipe is made of polymeric materials like polyethylene, nylon 6,6, synthetic fibers, polyurethane, etc. These materials grant unique properties to the pipe, like resistance and flexibility. 

However, the shape, length, and size can be customized depending on the type of fluid to be transported. 

Moving to the reinforcements of the hose, a typical hose pipe is twisted, wired, embedded, or braided hose pipe.

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How Many Types of Hose Pipes Are There?

Many hose pipes are manufactured worldwide depending on the type of use, like gardening, water, chemical, etc.

A few common hose pipes, along with their specific use, are

  • Garden Hose

A garden hose is used to water plants and trees in farms and gardens.

However, don’t use it for agricultural purposes. A special tough hose is used for agricultural and irrigation purposes.

  • Fire Hose

A fire hose is a long, high-pressure sustainable tube used by firefighters to convey water in areas on fire.

  • Air Brake Hoses 

These are probably one of the oldest types of hoses used since the early 1860s. They are two types of railway air brake hoses used between railroad cars and locomotives, while the truck air brake hose is used in heavy vehicles like semi-trailers and tractors.

  • Vacuum hose

Vacuum cleaners use vacuum hoses to connect the cleaning top to the motor and carry the air pressure.

  • Chemical hose

Chemical hoses are special tubes that carry toxic and hazardous chemicals, like cyanide and sulphuric acids, etc., over large distances.

  • Industrial Hose

An industrial hose is typically used in the oil industry and related areas to move liquids and fluids under specific pressure and temperature.

Apart from these, there are several other hose pipes like fuel, air, automotive, etc.

Difference Between Hose Pipe and Tube

FACTORSHose PipeTube
RigidityComparatively rigidMore flexible 
Composition Polyethylene, Nylon, synthetic fibers, polyurethane Fiberglass, plastic, metals, concrete
Reinforcements Embedded, wired, tiredness or braid No reinforcements 

What is the Diameter Of A Hose Pipe?

Different sizes of hose pipes have different diameters. The three most common fittings have the following radius:

  1. 13mm
  2. 19mm
  3. 25mm

How to Connect A Hose Pipe? Hose Pipe Connectors Explained

An adapter called a hose pipe connector is used to connect a hose pipe to another pipe or tap. It is connected to either of the two ends of the hose pipe to create a tight seal that allows the water to flow through it without any sort of leakage and ensures optimal water flow.

They come in two types: male and female connectors, and they come in various materials like steel, plastic, brass, carbon steel, aluminum, polyamide, etc., depending on the need.

What Areas Have A Hose Pipe Ban?

Different areas have a hose pipe ban worldwide. The following are some common areas. 

  • Southern water, 
  • The Isle of Wight
  • The Thames Valley
  • Welsh Water
  • Yorkshire
  • England, and Wales. 

Note: A temporary ban has started in London too.

Why Do We Have A Hose Pipe Ban?

A hose pipe ban means people can’t use hose pipes for domestic things like watering gardens, washing cars, etc. It is designed to save water during low water level periods or when there is a high drought risk. 

And with this, our discussion comes to an end. Now, it’s your turn to gear up and check if there is a hose pipe ban in your area. And if you are fortunate enough to have no ban, buy a hose pipe, and add ease to your life!

FAQs: Hose Pipe

Q.1 What is a hose pipe called in America?

A hose pipe is commonly referred to as a garden hose or simply a hose in America.

Q.2 What is a hose pipe in England?

In England, a hose pipe is normally used to wash cars and water Gardens.

Q.3 What is a hose pipe on a ship?

A hose pipe on a ship offers various functions like topping up water tanks, gritting off the deck, cleaning the boat, etc.

Video: How to use hose pipe during fire


For gardeners to easily water their plants and for any other vehicle owner to easily wash their vehicle, a hose pipe is a necessity! It is truly a life saver, and it reduces your workload of filling the tubs of water and going back and forth to complete your tasks! What are you all still holding out for? Get a hose pipe; you won’t regret it, I guarantee you.

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