3 Inches 45 Degree Silicone Elbow

3 Inches 45 Degree Silicone Elbow

To take care of the engine of a sports car, you must ensure a perfect air intake setup. The best way to do it is to install a supreme quality elbow hose pipe. Though there are lots of pipes out there made of different materials, 3 inches 45 Degree Elbow Pipe can be the best option.

One of the main factors that differentiate 3 inches 45 Degree silicone Elbow from other hose pipes is the tolerant capacity of pressure and temperature. Due to the silicone body surface, 3-inch hose pipes not only give an extremely durable body but also give supreme outcome under high pressure.

Apart from durability, more features of this pipe can make your future riding experience more comfortable. We have summed up a detailed review so that you can make your purchase easier.

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Key Specifications: 3 inches 45 Degree Silicone Elbow

Brand Auto Dynasty
Weight11 ounces
Ply Number 3-Ply
Inner Thickness 3”

3 Inches 45 Degree Silicone Elbow – Reviewed in Detail

When it comes to perfect boosting, a 3 inches 45 degree intake pipe can nail it every time. Due to the silicone covered body and 45-degree angle, it can fit perfectly in any vehicle. Turbo intake of the engine can be regulated flawlessly if you install 3-inch elbow pipes.

Apart from this, the long end neck of the hose pipe allows you to use it as a connector if the distance is too long. The 3 inches 45 degree dimension pipe serves universal applications and can be used for multipurpose reasons aside from just an air intake hose pipe.

Various facts about this silicone elbow piping are summed up here for your ease while buying one:

How Durable Are 3 Inches 45 Degree Silicone Pipes?

Silicon finished hose pipes are popular for their sturdiness and supreme durability. Most of the air intake pipes fail to deliver turbo air to the engine due to leakage. 

It happens since excessive heat expands them when the car is driven with a high boost. 3 inches 45-degrees pipes can easily withstand such scenarios.

With incredible built quality, this hose pipe can transfer high pressure or temperature without fail. Besides, a non-rusting layer on top keeps the newness intact.

Can a 3-Inch 45-Degree Elbow Resist High Pressure?

Whether you drive your vehicle at high or low boost, a 3 inches silicone elbow can generate any pressure applied to it. 

Silicone hose pipes can withstand pressure ranging from 40 PSI to 80 PSI easily. That is, turbo air intake can be done simultaneously without cutting out even at high temperatures.

Besides, the burst pressure is set to 245 PSI which ensures the high tolerance capacity of 3 inches silicone elbow.

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Can 3 Inch Hose Pipes Be Used as Universal Connectors?

A silicone-made 3 inches silicone elbow exhaust can serve multiple tasks due to its efficient working feature. 

Apart from delivering highly pressurized turbo air to the engine, it can work as connectors in custom turbo and compressors as well. 

Besides, the supercharger boost piping setup can be easily installed with 3 inches hose pipes.

Big vehicles like trucks or boats also use 3 inch engine pipes as connectors for air intake due to their high resistivity property. So, it can serve maximum output in all types of vehicles.

Is It Easy to Install a 3 Inch Hose Pipe?

You can upgrade your hose piping setup to 3 inches elbow pipe easily since it comes with a simple installation mechanism. 

Unlike regular and bendable rubber pipes, silicone pipes can adjust the engine of your vehicle firmly. So, there will be no need for additional effort to lock the pipe.

Besides, perfectly built 45-degrees ensure a sturdy connection on both ends. Though the length of the hose pipe may be bigger for some cars, it can be fitted with proper measuring.

Advantages and disadvantages: 3 inches 45 Degree Silicone Elbow


  • Silicon material ensures a durable and long-lasting guarantee.
  • 45-degrees of perfect bending allows perfect fitting.
  • It can be used as a universal connector in all vehicles.


  • Pipes may be lengthy for some vehicles and need to be cut with proper measurement.


A durable and powerful hose pipe is one of the essential factors that highly impact your driving. With 3 inches 45-degrees silicone piping system, you can make your regular driving or racing smoother. The air regulation of this pipe compared to other elbow pipes is very fluent under all types of conditions.

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