What Size Garden Hose For Pressure Washer

What Size Garden Hose For Pressure Washer?

Selecting the right garden hose size is the most crucial part of a pressure washer.  The wrong size of the garden hose can make defective issues; even it can damage the pressure washer’s pump. Therefore, you need to choose a suitable size for a pressure washer to get an adequate water supply without any leakage or kinking. So, what size garden hose for pressure washer?

The diameter, weight, material, and type of connection all play a role in determining the garden hose size. The typical and standard garden hose sizes for pressure washers are 5/8″ and 3/8″. Also, 1 inch or 1 ¼” garden hose is there for larger models and commercial tasks.

Before buying a garden hose for a pressure washer you need to know important parameters. I’ve deeply researched all of that and made an informative guideline with features, benefits, and a detailed comparison of garden hose size. Read this entire article! 

What Size Garden Hose For Pressure Washer?

There’s no specific or specially designed hose for a pressure washer. You must buy a perfect size according to the type of task and the pressure washer’s model. The perfect size hose can enhance the efficiency of a pressure washer for watering or cleaning tasks.

For instance, a pressure washer’s hose that is too small will not be able to pump out enough water to wash or water a surface. Again, a very long hose can decrease the water pressure required for a cleaning task. 

Different Types of Garden Hoses for Pressure Washers

There are various sizes available in the market. Mainly, they are different in diameter and length for various functions.  Here, three most common sizes of garden hose are described below-

⅝ -Inch Size Garden Hose

⅝ inch size garden hoses are more widely used for pressure washers. The internal diameter ⅝ inch of the garden hose helps to flow the water at a faster velocity. Usually, it is a perfect choice for handling daily gardening tasks or washing cars. 

5⁄8 inch garden hose for pressure hose

Suitable Length for pressure washer

Length can vary according to the required water flow rate. Like, 

  • You can use a 25 feet ⅝ inch hose if you need a higher water pressure. Here, you can expect a flow rate of 48 Gallons per minute at 50 psi.
  • Again, If you use the 50 ft garden hose, you can expect a flow rate of 24 Gallons per minute at 50 psi. 

Features of a ⅝-inch garden hose: 

Moderate flow rate: The smaller diameter helps to flow water at a higher velocity. As a result, you can handle and clean surfaces with higher water flow. 

Less resistance: During the water flow, there’s less resistance with this hose. Hence, you can continuously get faster water flow which helps for easy watering and cleaning tasks with a pressure washer.

Versatility: This garden hose can be attached to various sizes of pressure washers. Hence, anyone can use this hose for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Availability: The 5/8″ garden hose is more commonly available in local stores as well as online stores. It is also more affordable than other garden hoses.

Lightweight: It is very lightweight, so you can easily move this garden hose during watering or cleaning tasks.

Easy to store: ⅝” hose has a smaller diameter and that’s why it requires less space to store.

Best for:

  • Watering plants, and flowers in a small garden and balcony
  • Washing Cars
  • Washing Outdoor Furniture

¾ -Inch size garden hose

¾- Inch garden hoses are considered standard hoses for pressure washers. If you need a garden hose that has higher water flow to handle larger tasks and commercial applications from a longer distance, ¾ ” is a perfect choice. 

¾ -Inch size garden hose

Suitable Length for pressure washer

The length will be fixed according to your needs and application. Let’s see which length suited your applications.

  • Using a 25 feet ¾” garden hose, you can expect a higher water flow of 80 Gallons per minute at 50 psi.
  • Whereas, you can also use 50 feet for a lower water flow rate. It’ll help to flow 24 gallons per minute at 50 psi

Features of a 3/4-inch garden hose: 

Higher water flow: You can handle the larger task with this garden hose as it has a higher water flow rate than ⅝” hose. Here, the larger diameter allows higher pressure water flow rate. But here, velocity is comparatively low. 

Durability: ⅝” has a larger diameter and so wider cross-sectional area. So, it’s obvious that it has more material which makes it comparatively more durable than another hose.

Hard to carry: It is hard to move due to the weight. 

Price: The price of ¾” hose is comparatively expensive.

Best for:

  • Heavy-duty gardening supplies
  • Watering large backyard or lawn
  • Filling swimming pools or larger ponds
  • Commercial uses
  • Cleaning larger tasks like machinery, and trucks.
  • Cleaning sideways, exterior, and driveways.

1/4-Inch size garden hose

You can select a ¼” garden hose, if you need a larger diameter for a better cleaning task. Mainly, the object of a 1 ¼ ” hose is to clean the dirt, and dust more than to spread water all around the surface. 

Suitable Length for pressure washer

There’s a limited length available for a 1 ¼” garden hose. So, you can buy any size that fits perfectly with a pressure washer.  

Features of 1 ¼ -inch garden hose: 

Strongest flow rate: The larger diameter provides higher water flow than other hoses. It also prevents pressure loss effectively.

Availability: ⅝” garden hoses are hard to find in local stores. 

Durability: It can ensure better durability than other garden hoses. So, there’s less chance of bending or damaging o a hose.

Price: This garden hose is available at a premium price.

Best for:

  • Any commercial use
  • Residential task.

5/8 or 3/4 Garden Hose for Pressure Washer:

Although there are several sizes of garden hose, they are works for pressure washers. But, ⅝” and ¾” is the most common choice for standard size and handling daily task. 

It is more difficult to say which one will be suited for a pressure washer. As there are a few factors and features you need to know before selecting one. You can select one of these garden hoses by differentiating their key factors and uses. Let’s see the quick comparison chart to make a clear decision-

5/8 inch Hoses VS 3/4 inch Hoses: Quick Comparison Chart

Key difference ⅝” garden hose¾” garden hose
Water flowLowerHigher
Water pressureLowerHigher
Availability MoreLess
Ease of storage EasyHarder
Water VelocityWater discharge velocity is highWater discharge velocity is low
Build QualityComparatively less durableBetter in terms of durability
Best forEveryday gardening task, small cleaning task.Demanding tasks like commercial, and residential tasks. Cleaning driveways, sidewalks, machinery and trucks.

Things To Consider While Buying Garden Hose For Pressure Washer

Before selecting a suitable garden hose for pressure, you must know the important factors that will give you the right choice! Therefore, I’ve listed some factors with practical examples to understand how they affect the pressure washer’s efficiency.

  1. Diameter

Diameter is an important factor you need to consider while choosing a pressure washer hose. As the diameter plays a vital role in the water flow rate. 

A pressure washer needs a higher flow rate to clean dirt, and dust off a surface. A strong water flow is required for larger cleaning tasks and a medium water flow is required for daily cleaning tasks, watering the garden. 

Tips: The most suitable diameter for a pressure washer is ¾” or ⅝”. These two garden hoses require higher water flow.

  1. Length

Length is another factor you must be aware of! Although there is a 20-100 feet length available for each hose size. But, you should choose according to your task.

Like, a shorter length is good for heavy-duty tasks. As the water flow is decreased with the larger garden hose. And, the larger hose causes a pressure loss!

Tips: The length of the garden hose should be between 25-50 feet. As a result, you’ll get an adequate water supply and it’ll prevent pressure loss.

3. Material

There’s a variety of materials used for designing garden hoses. Always choose a garden hose with high-quality and durable material! It will ensure that the pressure washer has an adequate supply of water without leaking or breaking! 

Some of the common materials are briefly discussed with their pros and cons below-

  • Vinyl– Garden hoses with vinyl material are more commonly used. They are very lightweight and affordable, which is the perfect choice for light-duty tasks. You can use it for watering small gardens or balconies. 

But, one thing to assure you is that this garden hose will not provide long-term durability and flexibility! 

  • Rubber: A garden hose made with rubber is great for durability. They have resistance to abrasion and kinking, which is perfect for long-term durability. It is lightweight and can be used for heavy-duty tasks.
  • PolyurethanesPolyurethane or PVC garden hoses are more lightweight, flexible and durable. They have a premium quality that can resist UV damage, kinking and abrasion. They are suitable for any heavy-duty task.

4. Connectors and fittings

The garden hose connection should be high quality and secure fit to prevent any leakage. Aluminum and plastic material aren’t better for perfect fit and connection.  You can choose heavy-duty brass fitting hose which has better resistance to corroding or leakage! 

Most pressure washers have a connection of ¾ inch Garden hose thread. However, make sure that the hose connection is compatible with the pressure washer’s inlet fittings.

5. Intended use

The purpose of using a pressure washer is another crucial factor you need to consider. 

If you need a hose for daily watering and cleaning tasks ⅝” is the best choice overall. Again, you can choose 1 ¼” hose for the commercial task and residential task.

Top 2 Best Garden Hoses for Pressure Washers

Already in a hurry to get a quality garden hose for a pressure washer? Just look at the picture below! I’ve listed the top two best garden hoses for pressure washers according to the user’s experience and review! 

1. Teknor Apex Neverkink hose | (5⁄8 inch garden hose for pressure hose) 

Teknor Apex offers the best 5/8 inch garden hose that is very flexible and durable. It is mainly used for heavy-duty tasks and commercial use. It is lightweight for easy handling and moving. This garden hose never kinks. It has a good-quality connector that allows easy attachment and fitting. Well, it is a more affordable and well-made hose for a pressure washer.

2. Karcher PrimoFlex Premium Hose | (¾ inch garden hose)

If you are searching for a specific garden hose for a pressure hose, this one will be the best choice ever. This ¾” garden hose has enough water flow and pressure for any larger or commercial task within a few minutes. This brand doesn’t compromise on quality, flexibility and durability. You can buy it for sure! 

VIDEO REVIEW OF 5/8 vs 3/4 Inch Hose

Final words

Don’t forget to check your pressure washer’s compatibility and fittings before selecting a garden hose size. Otherwise, all your expectations will go in vain.

I hope you get a clear answer. If you can’t decide yet to select the right one, I can give you some hints.

You can choose a ⅝ inch garden hose for daily light-duty tasks such as watering or cleaning. Again, a ¾ inch garden hose is a better choice overall whether your task requires high water pressure for residential or commercial tasks.

The last helpful tip: Choose a garden hose that is made with rubber and has a heavy-duty brass fitting. 

That’s all for today! Have a good day!

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