Can You Use Fuel Hose for Oil?

Do you need a replacement for the oil hose? Fuel hoses are inexpensive but versatile, which may be a good alternative for replacing oil hoses. Indeed, before using, you want to know can you use fuel hose for oil.

No, you cannot use them for the oil system. They have low-pressure strength and low-quality materials that may create a mess. It may damage your oil system.

However, you need more explanation. Stay here to know why fuel hoses cannot be used for oil.

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Mechanical Facts- Why Are Fuel Hoses Not Good for Oil?

Let’s discuss some mechanical points which may help understand why fuel hoses are not good for oil systems.

  1. Pressure

Pressure is the major feature that must be considered when checking any tool’s feasibility. The oil system requires high-pressure strength. 

So, oil hoses are developed highly efficiently; they can work even at the highest pressure strength up to 3000 PSI.

But fuel hoses are not as efficient as oil hoses. Their maximum pressure strength range is between 50 to 85 psi; only a few have up to 100 PSI. So, with weak pressure strength, they cannot handle the oil system.

  1. Material

Material is undoubtedly the major thing when checking the compatibility of hoses for specific applications. When we check the oil hoses’ chemistry, they are made of high-quality materials. 

They have NBR synthetic rubber outside and contain electro-conductive rubber lining, making them highly resistant to fuel and oil. But there is no inner lining in fuel hoses. So it would not be a wise choice for oil systems.

Final Verdict

Although fuel hoses are excellent for several applications but should think of a different plan for oil systems. Their features and chemistry are not so efficient to make them suitable for oil systems.

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