Can You Use Collapsible Hose With Power Washer?

Collapsible hoses work the same as regular hoses for many applications. Perhaps, a collapsible hose is also fit for a power washer. But can you use a collapsible hose with a power washer? 

Yes, the collapsible hose can be an excellent DIY solution for the pressure washer. They have enough pressure, temperature, and material strengths that make them good for pressure washers. But avoid using them for commercial applications.

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Top 3 Facts- Why Is a Collapsible Hose Good for a Power Washer?

Here are three major factors that make collapsible hoses good for power washers.

  1. Pressure rating

Collapsible hose found effective for high-pressure applications. They can handle pressure up to 200 PSI. 

While the home motor pumps need only 45-50 PSI. So, you can use collapsible hoses for DIY power washers. They have enough strength to handle maximum water pressure and flow.

  1. Temperature rating

We need hot water for better cleaning and removal of resins and stains. The power washer needs to handle temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. 

In comparison, collapsibles have the strength to handle temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. So, no need to be worried when using the collapsible hose for power washers.

  1. Material

Another factor that makes a collapsible hose fit for a power washer is its material. The power washer uses rubber-made hoses. So, there is not much difference when compared to the collapsible hose.

Collapsible hoses are made of latex, which is also a type of rubber. So, you can use them in some scenarios where you use power washer hoses.

Final verdict

Collapsible hoses are lightweight and inexpensive than regular power washer hoses. If you have them in your store, you can use them for pressure washers. You will not experience any adverse effects from using collapsible hoses.

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